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Interior Design is a firm that is proud to be minority owned. We have been in the Interior design field for about 12 years now. Our founder, Edwin Ecubuntu is experienced in various specialties that make him very flexible and able to work on several types of projects. Apart from our founder and leader, we have a team of designers from all walks of life. Our youngest certified designer is only 23. The oldest designer on our team is 58 years old. With so much difference and range in ages, it is easy to see why we are so flexible to work with. One thing that you don’t have to concern yourself with is losing control of your project. Some interior design firms will push you towards certain ideas and are not able to work with your original idea. If you want similar quality to Hunter Douglas blinds they have it online also they have quality as good as levolor  too. You can get Bali blinds quality as well and they have bathroom window treatments for your home too. You can get window blinds online like these blackout drapes or solar blinds.  Ecubuntu Interior Design is not pushy at all and will help make your idea or dream a reality. Come by for a visit today to see how we can help you with all of your interior design needs.double_roller_final_04If you are looking for all purpose blinds head over to for all the needs you may have, they will help you at because I know they are great people and great service all at Go today and find out why they are the best.